HaRD CCG Clinical Thresholds

This is a summary of the referral thresholds for GPs.  More detailed guidance for GPs with referral forms and rationale can be found on the CCG intranet site at https://portal.nyhcsu.org.uk/group/hard-ccg/home (password required).

The document has recently been updated to include links to Patient Decision Aids and Patient Information Leaflets.

Clinical Thresholds Document

Please note these referral guidelines are being reviewed. 

Change Log : 

2015 changes within the document are in italics

15 July 2015  - changes to benign skin lesions

15 April 2015 - changes to cosmetic surgery

28 October 2014 - changes to orthopaedic hip and knee replacement

28 October 2014 - changes to varicose veins

24 July 2014 - IVF policy adopted

10 December 2013 -- Hyperhydrosis policy adopted

1/4/13 Thresholds adopted from PCT GP referral kit website