Yorkshire and The Humber region - Practice Nurse Awards

Please see letter below from Joanne Crewe, our Director of Quality and Governance and Executive Nurse.

This is a great opportunity to try and support our local practice nurses who all do a fantastic job and contribute significantly to improve the quality and experience of care we all receive locally – let them know how much we appreciate their time and help.


Dear Patient Partner

Happy New Year to you all.

I am to writing to you to ask if you or your patient participation group would like to nominate your local Practice Nurse for a NHS regional recognition award.

I have been working with my nursing colleagues in NHS England to develop the recognition awards for local Practice Nurses. There are a number of categories described below for your information and I have attached the nomination forms to this email.

The deadline for nominations will be 2 February 2018.

To reduce occurred costs, all returns are electronic via

With the exception of the ‘People’s Choice’ category which also has a Freepost option.

Click here for the nomination form.

Award categories:

1. People’s choice

2. Practice Nurse of the Year

3. Healthcare Practitioner of the Year

4. Rising Star (Practice Nurse less 2 years’ experience)

5. Practice Nurse Innovator of the Year

6. Practice Nurse Leadership Award (individual / team)

7. Practice Nurse Mentor of the Year

8. Practice Nurse Preceptor of the Year

Kind regards,


Best Wishes for the New Year

Joanne Crewe

Director of Quality and Governance

Executive Nurse

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