Breast Cancer Screening - local contacts

As you may have seen in the national press there has been an issue with a complex IT problem with the national breast screening invitation system which has led to some women not being invited for their final screen between their 68th and 71st birthdays. For more information see the Missed invitations for Breast Screening press release.

All women affected who are registered with a GP will be informed by letter from Public Health England (PHE) by the end of May 2018.

  • Women affected aged up to their 72nd birthday will receive a letter inviting them for a catch-up screen.
  • Women aged 72 to 79 will receive a letter providing clear information on what to do next if they want to have a screen.These women, aged 72 to 79, will be asked to contact the helpline on 0800 169 2692 (set up to support women about this issue) who will liaise with the local Breast Screening Service to arrange an appointment and invitation letter on their behalf. See here for more NHS information on Breast Cancer Screening.

For women over 70, not affected by this recent issue with the invitation system, who wish to continue to have breast screening there is a Breast screening for women over 70 leaflet available. Women who wish to arrange an appointment can contact their local screening service. The North Yorkshire Breast Screening Servicing, forming part of the NHS Breast Screening Programme, provides breast screening to the population of North Yorkshire in community locations across North Yorkshire. You can contact the North Yorkshire Breast Screening Service on 01904 725590 for appointments and enquiries.

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