Brexit Information

10th April 2019

The document "Preparing for the possibility of a ‘no deal’ EU exit for primary care contractors" published by NHS England outlines what has been done nationally to assess the risk to primary care organisations, and give clear direction on the actions that organisations delivering primary care still need to take locally. The document can be accessed HERE

25th February 2019

Update on medicines and medical products supply as we exit the EU. Further details of the preparations underway to minimise disruption of the supply of medicines and medical products in a no-deal EU Exit. Information on the website can be found HERE

18th January 2019

As part of the ‘no deal’ EU Exit preparations a significant amount of work has been carried out by NHS England, DHSC and partners. This letter from Keith Ridge, Chief Pharmaceutical Officer, outlines the steps taken thus far to protect the continuity of supply for medicines. 

7th December 2018

Matt Hancock, The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care has written to medicine suppliers to update them on medicine supply preparations for a potential no-deal Brexit. These letters explain what medicine suppliers need to consider in the period leading up to March 2019.


Further advice on medicines from NHS England can be found HERE.

Practices who have patients concerned about supplies of medication in the event of a no-deal EU exit can direct patients to the website and the page "Getting your medicines if there's a no-deal EU Exit" which can be accessed HERE and also has a page of Frequently Asked Questions.